It Pays to Recycle!

The South Carolina Recycling Market Development Advisory Council, managed within the South Carolina Department of Commerce, recently released results from a new economic impact study that shows recycling plays an important role in the State's economy.

According to the study, the recycling industry creates an estimated $6.5 billion total economic impact in the State's economy.

Free Recycling Bins

 Permanent recycling bins can be located across from Hanahan Middle School and in Otranto across from Fire Station 2.  

These locations accept newspaper, glass, and aluminum cans.  The Otranto location also accepts cardboard.  

The City of Hanahan is working with its residents and Berkeley County on additional drop off in Tanner Plantation to  help with our recycling needs.  

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Curbside Pickup

Curbside Recycling is now available! 

Contact Republic Services at 843-873-4810 or visit for more information.

Approved recyclable materials is as follows:

  • Plastics numbered 1-7 (usually found on the bottom of the container)
  • Aluminum and steel cans, “tin” cans, including aluminum foil
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Oil bottles with lids (if motor oil, must be free of gasoline/diesel)
  • Paper products, to include corrugated cardboard (no wax finish)